The Pa-Auk Forest Monastery
Sri Lanka


Deep forest for Deep Contemplation

‘‘yāvakīvañca, bhikkhave, bhikkhū āraññakesu senāsanesu sāpekkhā bhavissanti, vuddhiyeva, bhikkhave, bhikkhūnaṁ pāṭikaṅkhā, no parihāni"

“As long as the bhikkhus are intent on forest lodgings, only growth is to be expected for them, not decline”


Mahā Parinibbāna Sutta

Meditate in Historic Land; Mihindu Lena

Enclaved in Gomarankadawala – Yan Oya forest of North East Sri Lanka, this center’s origin date back to more than 2000 years; the golden era when arahants travels the skies of mother Lanka and “Theravada Dhamma” flourished across the land.

Mihindu Lena is situated close proximity to Urewa hamlet of Padaviya farming settlements in Anuradhapura district. While the archeological remains at this old monastery date back 2000 years and depict a community of ancient monks living in solitude, the current monastery has been renascenced to give the modern meditating Yogi, an environment of extreme solitude coupled with some of the benefits of a modern meditation center such as, variety of choices in accommodation, solar energy, pipe borne water and in monastery meals.

The meditation practice however relates the ancient practices elaborated in the ancient meditation master compilation-“The vissuddhimagga”. The book written by bhadanta achariya, Buddhagosa in 5th century was brought back to life by Myanmar Meditation Master, most ven. Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw.

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